Re-set Life Coaching
Real experiences

While starting up my own online business, I got very overwhelmed by the pressure of all the tasks to accomplish and the never-ending priorities falling down on me, to put everything in place and launch on time. This is when I contacted Alex to support me with this difficult period.

In my career as an entrepreneur, I came to be skeptical about business coaching as I myself experienced it on a few occasions and ended-up getting more lost than I was initially. However this time, I had no hesitation about starting sessions with Alex as I understood from our initial conversation that she was not going to focus on the content and foundations of my business, but instead support me to focus and find the strength I was then lacking of to launch my business.

After our first session, I gained a huge sense of clarity by shifting from procrastination to a deep understanding about my behaviors, which allowed me to redefine the way I was operating and re-set my plan of action. Alex guided me to prioritize what was important and enabled me to define a clear timeline I have been able to commit to step by step.

As a coach, Alex had the right combination of helping me figuring out what I needed to consciously realize without giving me the answers. She helped me to get there subtly, not taking away my ability to discover my own solutions. She has an astute sense of asking the right questions and positioning the right frames to put you on your own path.

By gaining clarity throughout our sessions, I gained a deep sense of empowerment and motivation to complete the tasks going from 1 to 2 and from 2 to 3 instead of operating in “chaos mode”. It helped reducing my stress levels and actually had a really positive impact on my overall well-being.

I’d absolutely recommend Alex as she is someone who worked with me on my own terms. She gave just enough. She was not giving me too much to feel overwhelmed, nor giving me too little that I felt it was not enough. She gave the right amount for me to be able to see clearly in myself and my business. It was a real investment in myself.

Ildiko Meixner

Well-being and Weight-loss Success Coach, Body4Life, Auckland, New-Zealand

Being a single Mum and working as a Senior Brand Manager, I reached a peak of pressure linked to expectations and deadlines leading me to feel I needed to be Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman at work, and then Wonder Woman at home. I heard about coaching during that period, and thought it could maybe be the right time, though I feared a coach wouldn’t be able to help me. Being so exigent with myself, I doubted a coach would bring much deepness to the conversation.

My sessions with Alex gave me a lot of clarity and understanding about myself, about how my mind and my thoughts work. It allowed me to calm down, decrease my level of exigence with myself and as a result to better interact with others, especially colleagues, by becoming more tolerant with them. Alex truly opened up my awareness by making me think in different ways, which really helped me to re-set and transform my beliefs on many aspects of my life.

I would define Alex as very intuitive and a true listener. I felt she knew how to ask the right questions, analyze and accompany me in my reasoning, letting me draw my own conclusions. She took me where I had to go without giving me my solutions, but instead letting me find my own way.

This experience has been very enriching, by being a huge opportunity to grow professionally and inevitably personally as well. It has been truly a momentum to develop myself, know, accept and love myself more. Alex has a nice flow to introduce new concepts at each session in a simple way, without “shaking you up”. I am someone who usually love electroshocks and to get me to bounce back in my work, but I really appreciated Alex’s style to go smoothly, allowing me to understand things by myself.

I would really recommend Alex and wished all my colleagues could benefit from such coaching, as I believe in the professional world, apart from Human Resources, we have no support to grow ourselves, most of all, in complete confidentiality.

Audrey Cagnard

Senior Brand Manager, Boehringer Ingelheim, Paris, France

I believe coaching is a very personal experience. Unlike reading any book about self-development you picked randomly on a shelf, an important thing for me is to choose the best match for me, a person I feel comfortable with, someone I trust, trust in her methods and who my peers trust as well, in order to completely open up to have the results I am looking for.

What I realized during my sessions with Alex is that business is not so different or separated from real life. I experienced how they were intrinsically mixed and how I could feel better both in my life and in business in parallel. If you feel better yourself, you will always work better.
As much as Alex prepared a particular approach for each coaching session, she always followed what was coming from that session instead of the planned task, heading in the direction that was more important in the moment, and really being opened to address, deepen and clarify something unresolved for me.

I liked the fact I was not feeling dragged to a conclusion. There was nothing predetermined, like you see sometimes in articles or books telling you that you can be either A, B or C. I was free to choose the road to go there. I didn’t feel compelled to reach a certain point. I found a way to touch some cords I didn’t think to have and that could help find a reason to all I was doing.
I also really appreciated Alex’s feminine side in her coaching, in the sense that I felt I was understood as a “woman working”, not only as a manager, which is not always obvious to understand.

Online coaching was a real benefit for me as I felt even more free knowing I could respect the appointment time by already being in my office and feeling in my “safe place”, while having a true interaction seeing each other by webcam.

Coaching came to me at a very difficult time. I felt lucky to have it in this period as the benefits I experienced certainly felt stronger for me than if I was in a period when everything was going fine. I feel that very often, we believe we don’t need coaching because we feel we are ok, maybe it is also a nice moment in our life and things are going well, but it doesn’t mean we don’t need to re-center ourselves.
I would really recommend Alex, as I believe regular coaching sessions have such a positive impact to any person at any stage of their life, as it helps you let things go, challenge your perspectives and deepen each time more in your life, both at work and personally, and Alex is truly able to touch both aspects in synergy during her sessions.

Simona Verna

CEO, Tuologo, Rivarolo, Italy

I had quite a few hesitations to hire a coach before I started with Alex. I thought coaching was expensive, that I would have to adjust to the coach’s agenda. I couldn’t figure out how a specific coach was going to be the best for me, and in how long will I achieve my goals. I wondered what the return on my investment would be.
Alex got recommended to me by someone I trusted, so I simply decided to let it go and give it a chance.

My doubts quickly let place to being able to free myself from a deep lack of self-confidence I didn’t perceive when I first started to work with Alex. She guided me to find the strength to go beyond my fears. I got to find the keys to unlock the path of resolving and getting past the obstacles I was having at the time.

What I truly loved during the sessions is Alex’s ability to truly listen. I felt heard.
Even when I sometimes remained stuck on my positions, I valued Alex’s perseverance and her agility to open the way to let me think, get in touch with my thoughts, remove my anchors and unfold all the very tight knots I was attached to. She enabled me to understand where I was meant to go.

The coaching with Alex helped me to think differently about many other aspects of my personal life we didn’t discuss at the time, and I gained a lot of trust in myself. I developed a new way to structure my thoughts, by being more conscious about the wholeness of each situation I am going through rather than narrowing views and thoughts on one aspect of it.
Alex created an atmosphere of closeness that I really enjoyed, by sharing her own personal life experiences as examples, which created a very safe place for me to open up.

I would definitely call back Alex in future, and I highly recommend her to close friends or colleagues.

Peggy Berardi

Strategy Media director, Frequence Medicale, Paris, France